Playing With Money To Make More

July 24th, 2014 — 01:58 am
Ready to start playing with your money? Not interested in complicated businesses or boring bank C.D.'s? Here are some methods that aren't quite a business because you can do them once, or just when you feel like it. Start small and the risk is small. Loan Sharking Years ago a friend got a good job when I loaned him $300 to buy the necessary tools. I charged a $6 per week loan fee (don't call it interest) until he paid in full. That's more than 100% annual interest, and yes, we're still friends. ...
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Your Mother Could Make Money In Forex Trading

July 23rd, 2014 — 01:41 am
The question would be not whether she could but rather would she enter the Forex trading market. The Forex day trading arena is a veritable snake pit ripe for scam artists to bilk money out of unwary investors. On the other hand, it is a forum for educated traders with the correct education, tools, and trading strategy to make a handsome income. Becoming a successful Forex trader basically comes down to four things; 1) attaining the correct education, 2) using Forex tools which 3) use your own ...
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Don't Lose All Your Money

July 22nd, 2014 — 01:42 am
That sounds like good advice doesn't it? Don't lose all your money. After all what is an investor without funds in the brokerage account? Hint: BROKE! On the subject of investing, this means getting out of a trade when it goes against you. Don't lose all your money. This is the MOST important thing any investor can do. Cut your losses before you're broke. It's easy to do, but some investors find it hard to implement. Don't become so attached to your buying decision that you ignore this ...
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Saving and Making Money

July 21st, 2014 — 01:37 am
The first and most basic step to financial wealth is having a checking or saving account. This sets the stage for future endeavors, such as investing, homebuying, etc. Many people are unable or locked out to do this due to past bank situations. Some mistrust the financial institution and hide their money around the house. Others use money orders or cash for method of payment. This group of the population is often referred to as the unbanked. There are thousands upon thousands of people in the ...
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Making Money In Real Estate - 10 Basic Ways

July 20th, 2014 — 01:40 am
Making money in real estate is an endless topic that includes all the various types of real estate investments. There is land, apartment buildings, homes, commercial buildings and more. Whatever the type however, you'll make your profits in some of the basic ways listed below. Use this list to get yourself thinking of the possibilities. 1. Appreciation. Making money in real estate can be as simple as holding on and waiting. To really get the most appreciation in value, however, you should buy ...
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The time value of money

July 19th, 2014 — 01:37 am
It is very important for one to understand the time value of money. Especially we should let our next generation know about it. As the sea wave keeps on coming without any hesitation, life also flows on. It is important to make a child understand about the journey of time along with the changing value of life. Do you see people using the old coins nowadays? I am sure you do not. But you remember them as your grandmas must have kept a few. This paisa is to be kept in with you only as they are ...
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Stock Investing .- Making money day trading stocks online

July 18th, 2014 — 01:43 am
Dramatically Improve Trading Success. Learn how and when to trade stocks reducing your risk. * Avoid those confusing "cookie cutter" technical analysis tips and tricks that you can read anywhere else for free. * Let us show you an effective & practical approach * Limit your risk and follow certain conditions * How and where to pick the best stocks * Identifying great opportunities * When to trade them * Choosing the right time frame during market hours * Pre market and After hours trading ...
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Getting Wealthy on Other Peoples Money

July 17th, 2014 — 01:52 am
An article about using leverage for wealth accumulation Everyone wants to do a little better, or get ahead a little faster. Borrowing to invest, if arranged properly is often a very attractive method of helping a client to reach their financial planning goals. The trick is in showing them how to take the risk without over exposing themselves to loss. There are many ways to minimize the portfolio risk and the leverage risk while still achieving the client’s goal. This article hopes to explain ...
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Refinancing Your Mortgage Can Really Save You Money

July 16th, 2014 — 01:37 am
Refinancing a mortgage is simply taking out a new mortgage. It means paying off one or more old debts by getting a new loan. Sometimes, refinancing your mortgage can really save you money. You may be able to pay less interest, lower your monthly payment, or convert from a 30-year loan to a 15-year loan and build your equity faster. But be sure that refinancing is right for you. 1. Refinancing can be a good idea for you if you: - want to get out of a high interest rate loan to take advantage of ...
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Stock Market Success ... A lot of money can be made when you

July 15th, 2014 — 01:41 am
When it comes to online stock trading it PAYS to have more knowledge than the rest of the pack. Pure gold can be harvested in each profitable trade that you accomplish. But when you don't know what you are doing stock trading can become a very difficult and life consuming business. You can lose a lot of money and time. Valuable time of your life. Stock trading can resemble the closest thing to a get-poor-fast system when you don't implement a proven stock trade strategy. Even when there are ...
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